The following interview features Zach Fogel, a Document Management Sales Consultant at Phillips Office Solutions.

Q:   What is a common problem you are noticing with regards to Document Management? Why is this a problem?
A:   A common problem is the misconception about cost. Ten, even five years ago document management solutions cost over $50,000 to implement. Today, a fully implemented system can cost as little as $15K. Customers are worried that the time it takes and the amount of money being spent will not yield results.

Zach FogelQ:   What is the question you get asked most often in regards to OnBase?
A:   Cost

Q:   What is the biggest change you see coming in the next 5 years?
A:   Companies moving to the cloud and clients focusing more on managing printing, rather than printers.

Q:   Are there any new products that you are excited about? What is it?
A:   Cloud based applications and integrate with MFPs.

Q:   For a business with a limited budget, what would you suggest for them to implement first?
A:  Printview

Q:   Finally, Windows or Apple?

A:   I am assuming you mean for computers, so I would say Windows even though I like Apple hand-held devices better than Windows.

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